Turner Engineering's ongoing evaluation and testing of major manufacturers' products under real life system conditions have attracted the attention and respect of digital broadcasters who repeatedly turn to us for the proverbial "Turner Seal of Approval" on their products and network systems.
It is that long-standing reputation of excellence and reliability that resulted in John Turner, Principal Engineer and Owner of TEI, being honored by the National Association of Broadcasters with their Television Engineering Achievement award in recognition of his distinguished career, his outstanding contributions to the television industry, and his guidance of the television industry in the practical implementation of digital television systems.
Our 14,000 square foot NOC and fabrication facility is launching the next generation of telecommunications and broadcast technology with the stability and robustness that will guarantee success.


John Turner, as a small child, once touched the 6BG6 horizontal output tube of a TransVision set his father was building. The shock sent young JT sailing across the room and knocked him cold. But when he awoke, he had an uncanny understanding of electricity and an unquenchable addiction to electrons.