The advantages of IP node management are obvious. Electronic eyes can watch all the components throughout networks of any scale. If something falters or fails anywhere in the system, you’ll know quickly—even if that part is 2,000 miles away. That’s the beauty of node management—unmanned, reliable, cost-effective.

While many manufacturers offer node management software, it only works for their own equipment. Since you have components in your network from dozens of manufacturers, you will need multiple node management software packages to watch every component. That’s an awful lot of windows and monitors to observe. An alarm or signal could be missed. A window could be inadvertently left unchecked. A technician could easily get lost in the visual confusion of it all.


So, while your system may be integrated, your node management isn’t. The solution is TEI Watchdog™.

Regardless of how many manufacturers built your components, with TEI Watchdog™ you get a flawlessly integrated view of every connected component in your network. And it doesn’t matter if that network is contained in a single building or spans hundreds of locations spread thousands of miles apart. With TEI Watchdog™ you have an easy-to-use interface that lets you drill down to the deepest levels on any component to learn what’s happening… or not happening. So, you can send help where it’s needed and when it’s needed.

     bullet         First, you will need a virtual path to the public Internet from your site to TEI’s NOC. If such connectivity isn’t already in place, TEI Watchdog™ can arrange for it.
     bullet  Next, the equipment to be monitored must be manageable by Ethernet and preferably have an SNMP agent. If necessary, a terminal server can gather contact-closure alarms from legacy equipment and translate these messages into SNMP over IP. If your equipment Ethernet ports are already connected, TEI Watchdog™ will install additional hardware at the end to assure security to your local net.

Only TEI Watchdog™ makes all this possible by continuously checking the health of your components and network.